What you can do

We are getting STW off the ground which means that we need you! In order to succeed, we have four areas of immediate need.

  1. Become a local partner. STW is a grassroots organization, which means the community itself identifies its needs and how to address those needs. Different communities need different models, therefore, STW is recruiting local partners to help facilitate expanding club locations. Local partners open community doors and STW teams will offer community-responsive programming. Contact us to learn more: [email protected]
  1. Recommend educators. We know that you are our best asset, so check out our educational priorities and consider who in your network could help. Ideas include fitness, mental coaching, strategy, aging, tennis and pregnancy, nutrition, and gear.
  2. Be an ambassador. Talk after league matches and get others excited. Let’s snowball STW.
  1. Donate. Building a program takes financial resources. We are building our website, video content, and face-to-face opportunities. See exactly what your donation will provide on our website. Donate

Donation Impact: We want to keep registration fees for activities low, making them accessible to anyone. We can do that by you covering many of our costs for events.

  • $100 provides one month of communications support (web updates, social media)
  • $125 provides 5 scholarships to STW local speaking events
  • $250 provides honoraria for two local speakers at a local STW speaking event and event space
  • $500 covers court times and tennis pros for a three-hour tennis clinic
  • $750 covers support for a generational pro for a 4-6 session series
  • $1000 covers 4-minute video production and online posting
  • $5000 covers the initial steps for research and design of the mentorship program
  • Gear donations: We welcome partnerships with tennis, pickleball, and athletic companies. Particularly for racquets and balls.

In development:

  1. Guide mentorship. Mentorship partners more experienced people with those needing guidance. It’s about developing supportive relationships, not just social tennis. Mentorship programming is a long-term goal requiring financial backing for structured planning, education, and content delivery. Please contact us directly if you want to know more.
  2. Be a generational pro. Are you currently coaching high school girls? One idea is to partner with HS coaches working in underrepresented tennis communities and introduce their players’ moms and grandmoms to tennis in a supportive setting. We are already doing gear drives for the girls and would love to have their moms included as well.
  3. Support online video development. Unquestionably the easiest way to increase our reach is to have high-quality, consumable and meaningful video content. The web is full of videos, we want to have content that women can trust. STW has video production professionals, and a next step is for research and design of our online platform.

Please fill out our contact link and let us know your thoughts about donations of time, energy, and/or funding.